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Sat, March 12, 2011


10:00 am - 4:00 pm 


Grow Your Bodhicitta: A Daylong Yoga & Meditation Retreat



February 26: Seven Point Cause and Effect
March 12: Equanimity - Balancing Self and Others

Bodhicitta is the mind that wishes to fully awaken in order to be of greatest benefit to others. Before you can develop this unbelievably selfless attitude, you first need to focus on cultivating greater compassion in your daily life. During these day-long retreats, effective techniques will be introduced to increase your heart of compassion. This leads to you being happier and you bring more peace and happiness into the world.

Come deepen your practices in the company and warmth of one another. Each retreat includes two asana practices, a juicy Anusara-inspired flow and a chill Yin practice, two guided meditations to develop a compassionate heart, plus a deliciously nourishing vegetarian lunch and a walking meditation.

Practice holding supportive silence during much of the day--so freeing, insightful and rejuvenating.

Elizabeth Brown: www.steepedingrace.com
Wendy Cook: www.yesheyoga.com

$75 each or $135 for both
Space is limited - mail your check today to: Wendy Cook / PO Box 636 / Lincoln MA 01773