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Wed, January 03, 2018


7:00 - 9:00 PM 


The Twelve Links of Dependent Origination with Ven. Tenzin Gache



His Holiness the Dalai Lama often comments that as Buddhists, our distinctive practice is non-violence, and our distinctive view is dependent origination. His Holiness’s comments echo a common strand in the Buddhist tradition: Lama Tsongkhapa claimed that there was no teaching of the Buddha more profound than dependent origination, and Nagarjuna began most of his works by praising the “one who taught dependent origination.”

Venerable Gache will be giving an overview tonight of this vast and profound topic.

All Welcome!

Ven. Tenzin Gache (Brian Roiter) is an American monk living at Sera International Mahayana Institute (IMI) House in Bylakuppe, India, and studying at Sera Je Monastic University.