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Sun, January 20, 2019


2:00 - 5:00 PM 


CANCELED: Reiki Plus More Level II



This class is for students who completed the Reiki Plus More, Featuring Reiki Level I with an intro to Reiki Level II Class. This is an intensive class that will focus on more practice and less theory. However, ethics and Reiki will be one of the topics for discussion. Questions and answers about how to, when to, what and why (where relevant) will be interwoven throughout the class. The agenda includes, but is not limited to, Reiki Level II attunement, a review of Reiki I identifying differences between Reiki I and II, meeting spirit guides, entertaining questions about one's practice (trepidations, if any), teaching/practice channeling of the ki energy, the three Reiki II symbols (to increase power, emotional healing, absentee healing) including long-distance healing techniques, visualization exercise(s)/meditation (more practice of healing self and others). Demonstrations and practice will apply.

Suggested donation for course: $70.00. Proceeds will benefit Kurukulla Center

Please contact please contact reiki@kurukulla.org for registration or if you have any questions.