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Tue, October 29, 2019


7:00 - 8:45 PM 


Yoga & Meditation with Wendy Cook



Yoga postures came about in ancient times so that yogis would have strong healthy bodies conducive for sitting and meditating for hours and days.

Nowadays, as modern yogis, we can still reap the many benefits of yoga practice which can have a positive impact on our body and mind, our life and relationships.

This mixed-level yoga class begins with setting intention and breathing techniques, followed by a therapeutic joint freeing series, standing and balancing postures, and other postures such as back and belly strengtheners and hip openers. The last twenty minutes are spent in guided meditation, using techniques such as breath awareness, visualization, and contemplating themes to enhance our inner good qualities.

No prior yoga or meditation experience necessary. Please wear comfortable, fitted, modest clothing. You may bring a sticky mat if you have one but it is not required. All welcome.

Yoga at Kurukulla Center is offered freely and while donations are gratefully received according to the students' financial ability, they are not expected. There is a donation box in the hallway just outside the meditation room.

Wendy Cook has been practicing yoga since 1987 and teaching since 2001. She has been practicing Tibetan Buddhism also since 1987 and is a former Director of Kurukulla Center.