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Mon, April 08, 2019


7:00 - 9:00 PM 


Establishing a Daily Practice with Sean González



In the Establishing a Daily Practice class, we cover basic practices designed to deepen our mindfulness and awareness. Disciplined execution of these basic practices help to remind us of the many concepts covered throughout the introductory series. Some of the topics covered will include: setting up an altar, water bowls practice, offerings, malas & mantras, setting our motivation, compassion & loving-kindness, developing the Six Perfections, and dedication. Drawing from the topics covered in the introductory series, these daily practices constitute the basic building blocks and tools needed to deepen our understanding of Buddhism to put it into action in our daily lives.

As with all our teachings, this class is offered free of charge. However, we do gratefully depend on the generosity of students and supporters to cover our substantial monthly expenses.

Sean González, the Kurukulla Center Director, became a student of the late Geshe Tsulga in 2004.