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Mon, October 07, 2019


7:00 - 9:00 PM 


How to Take Refuge with Sean González



Refuge connotes protection from harm. Being afraid of being audited by the IRS, receiving an undesirable diagnostic from our doctor, or being hurt by a loved one are not good motivations to take Refuge – there are non-religious methods to get appropriate and immediate help for matters of that nature. The harm from which we seek protection is harm to our mind, leading to undesirable rebirths and continuing suffering in future lives. We recognize that we need support to awaken the enlightened being within us, thus we seek Refuge to help guide and support us in our path to enlightenment.

In this class we will cover the process to take Refuge, what it means, and the basic commitments. We will also discuss reasons not to take Refuge but, instead, practice Buddhism within the context of some other religion. For some, taking Refuge will be appropriate; and for others practicing Buddhist philosophy (without taking Refuge) will be best. The choice to take Refuge is very personal. This class aims to help introductory series students make the decision whether or not to pursue taking Refuge.

As with all our teachings, this class is offered free of charge. However, we do gratefully depend on the generosity of students and supporters to cover our substantial monthly expenses.

Sean González, the Kurukulla Center Director, became a student of the late Geshe Tsulga in 2004.