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Mon, March 02, 2020


5:30 - 7:00 pm 


Tara Puja



Tara is a female Buddha and represents the enlightened activity of the all Buddhas. Once a month, we pay homage to her by doing practices for this specially loved Buddha. Practices to Tara are said to remove obstacles to both our spiritual and worldly success. Since most of the recitation is done in English, the Tara puja is more easily accessible to those unfamiliar with this type of chanting ceremony practice.

It is recommended and an opportunity to practice generosity by bringing an offering/s and in this way create more positive energy. Examples of offerings are: food such as cookies, fruit, nuts, cake, juice; unscented tea lights or flowers. By making an offering you are strengthening and empowering the merit you receive in relation to that puja. Generosity is the first of the six perfected qualities of a bodhisattva, planting the seeds to ensure that we will have all the material things necessary in future lives to continue our study of Dharma and working for the benefit of all beings, and this puja is a wonderful opportunity to practice generosity. This does not necessarily mean making more offerings, but rather making offerings that are of value to you, that you find delightful and want to offer to Buddha Tara, your gurus and all buddhas, quantity and quality being factors but not defining marks for an offering. Offerings are not an obligation but an opportunity, so we encourage you to make the most of it.

All are welcome.