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Fri, February 12, 2021




LOSAR: Tibetan New Year



Losar is first day of the Tibetan New Year and represented by the Iron Ox this year. The first fifteen days of the New Year commemorate the time when Shakyamuni Buddha uncharacteristically displayed his power by performing miracles to increase his disciples’ devotion. This period is considered an auspicious time to engage in both practice and study. Accordingly, we will hold special events including a talk by Nick Ribush commemorating the remarkable life of Lama Thubten Yeshe , a pioneer in bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the western world and the founder of our parent organization, the FPMT. Resident teacher Geshe Tenley will also lead us in an intensive Green Tara practice weekend from February 26 – 28 and offer the Eight Mahayana Precepts the morning of February 27, the final day of the special Losar period known as Chotrul Duchen.