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Wed, February 24, 2021


7:00 - 9:00 PM 


VIRTUAL CLASS: Commentary on the Heart Sutra with Geshe Tenley



NOTE: In response to COVID-19 we will be holding virtual classroom teachings until further notice.

To access the Virtual Classroom join the Zoom Meeting on your cell phone (iPhone and Android devices) or computer:

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Or, dial in on any phone:
+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
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Tonight, Geshe Tenley continues his commentary on the prayers we recite at the beginning of class with an explanation of the renowned Heart Sutra. Famed for its direct and succinct explanation of emptiness, the true nature of all existence, it consists of a short exchange between two of the Buddha’s most illustrious disciples, Avalokiteshvara and Shariputra. Although concise, the sutra’s cryptic style almost demands interpretation by a knowledgeable instructor. We are fortunate resident teacher Geshe Tenley will guide us through this compelling text in detail with teachings on it for the next several months.

All are welcome to join in.

The Heart Sutra can be found on page 23 in the Kurukulla Center Prayerbook

Geshe Tenley is the Resident Teacher at Kurukulla Center for Tibetan Buddhist Studies. He was ordained by the late Gyume Khensur Geshe Urgyen Tseten Rinpoche in 1990 and began the program of studies to become a geshe at Sera Jey Monastic University. During the course of his studies, he has received many teachings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama as well as many other highly qualified masters. In 1998, he received his full ordination (gelong) vows from His Holiness and received his geshe degree in 2008. He began teaching at Kurukulla Center in 2005 and upon the advice of Lama Zopa Rinpoche was appointed Resident Teacher by the Kurukulla Center Board of Directors in 2010. Geshe Tenley is well-known for his approachability and kindheartedness. His extensive activities in the US and around the world bring great joy and benefit to everyone he meets.