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Wed, November 16, 2022


7:00 - 9:00 PM 


Developing Calm Abiding (the Nine Stages) with Geshe Tenley



You can participate in person or via Zoom (see below). Registration not required.

The development of calm-abiding is a very important tool in helping us gain the mental stability necessary to see the nature of reality clearly. This has not only great long-term benefits but can also help us in the short-term. By developing a calm, clear, focused mind, we can achieve more emotional stability and lessen our daily stresses.

In the long term, if our goal is to completely remove our mental afflictions, miseries, suffering, fears, disease, discomfort, and pains of life - and achieve liberation from samsara - we must realize Emptiness directly. When this realization is combined with Bodhicitta, eventually the infinite happiness of Buddhahood can be attained, where the mind has no obstructions and can flow freely in all directions to help all beings.

To do this, our mind must be able to analyze the nature of reality with great steadiness, accuracy and incisiveness. This steadiness comes from developing shamatha, or calm-abiding. Through this steadiness of mind, combined with the mental sharpness derived from special insight, we can use the sword of the wisdom of Emptiness to cut through our ignorance about the way things exist.

Geshe Tenley will teach the Nine Stages of Meditation described in Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand (Outline 401: How to Achieve the Nine Mental States) and the The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, (Volume 3, Chapter 5: Meditative Serenity), focusing on one mental state per week.
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