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Wed, May 10, 2023


7:00 - 9:00 PM 


Special Insight with Geshe Tenley



We do not have special COVID restrictions at this time. Participation is possible either in person or online. To participate via Zoom (see below).

Having completed instruction on Developing Calm Abiding, Geshe Tenley now leads us in teachings on the subject of Special Insight. This topic teaches us how to apply the practices of calm abiding or concentration to its highest purpose - the understanding of the wisdom of emptiness.

Geshe-la's teaching will focus on Pabongka Rincoche's explanation of Special Insight in the Lamrim classic, Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand, which is a compilation of a series of Rinpoche's teachings given in 1921. Enlivening this topic with colorful sketches about renowned masters from the past, this text provides an accessible introduction to the study of the Wisdom of Emptiness.

Geshe Tenley's commentary will be an essential aid in clarifying ambiguous points and in answering our questions. He will also lead us in meditations to help bring the concepts closer to direct experience.

The section on Special Insight is found in Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand (Outline 414: How to Train in the Very Essence of Wisdom - Special Insight).

Additional material is found in Lama Tsongkhapa's The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, (Volume 3)

All are welcome to attend!
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