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Sun, November 19, 2023


9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 


100,000 Praises to the Twenty-One Taras, with Geshe Tenley



Today we join together as a group to recite the Praises to the 21 Taras 100,000 times for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and for World Peace. The Praises to the Twenty-One Taras is one of the most often recited and treasured prayers in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. In paying homage to the female Buddha Arya Tara, the Praises enumerate Tara’s excellent qualities associated with the different aspects she assumes, some peaceful and some wrathful. Unifying this diversity is her unwavering vow to unceasingly work to benefit sentient beings in a female form. The recitation of Tara praises is said to quickly remove obstacles and create favorable conditions for the success of both temporal gains as well the ultimate goal of attaining enlightenment to benefit all, just as Arya Tara does.

You are welcome to join all or part of the recitation of the Praises led by Geshe Tenley throughout the two-day event. The chantable version of the Praises to the Twenty-One Taras can be found on page 221 of the Kurukulla Center Prayer book In between sessions, you are encouraged to continue the recitation of the Praises or recite Tara mantras.

If you wish to learn more about Arya Tara, a book based on a series of teachings given by Geshe Tenley, in 2013, Noble Tara, The Liberating Mother: An Oral Commentary on the Praises to the Twenty-One Taras is available online.

We hope you can join us!!!
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