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Sun, July 14, 2024


10:00 - 11:45 AM 


ONLINE ONLY: The Six Perfections with Geshe Tenley: Training in the Practices Leading to Ultimate Benefit for Ourselves & Others



Participation is only possible online this week. To participate via Zoom (see below).

Images of the Buddha often depict a figure sitting calmly in the lotus posture with an expression of complete tranquility. However, Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism is far more than just a search for personal peace. Rather, within these teachings there is an emphasis on skillful, active engagement with the world. The development of these skilful means in both our daily lives and through meditation has the effect of opening our hearts and dissolving the barriers between ourselves and others, as well as mitigating our self-centeredness. This leads to a more harmonious and beneficial lifestyle where we can bring benefit to ourselves and others – and eventually to the state of infinite happiness, or Buddhahood, where we can ably guide others to the same result.

How to do this is not left to our imagination. Specific guidance is given and explained in detail through both the actual words of the Buddha and in commentaries that provide clarification. The Six Perfections are a prime example of a teaching that is beneficial on multiple levels. While their final purpose is to bring us to liberation and full enlightenment, they are extremely practical teachings which can bring happiness and fulfillment to our everyday lives.

Using the acclaimed lamrim text Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand,by Pabongka Rinpoche as a basis, Geshe Tenley will explain each perfection and how to practice it, beginning with generosity, the first perfection, and continuing through the other five: ethics, patience, perseverance, concentration and wisdom. This class is an opportunity to develop an understanding of how the teachers we so admire developed the qualities that make them exceptional examples of what we all have the potential to become.

The section on the Six Perfections is found in Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand beginning with Outline 362: Developing Bodhicitta Through the Ritual of Taking Vows (please note that this is a preliminary discussion before the actual presentation on the Six Perfections, which starts at Outline 363).

All are welcome to attend!
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