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We are delighted to announce that a new non-profit organization has formed to ensure that support for Geshe Tsulga-las monks living in and affiliated with House #2A at Sera Je Monastery continue to receive support for years to come!

The Geshe Tsulga Non-Profit Corporation for Sera Je House #2A Monks and Affiliates, Inc., was started at the bequest of Geshe Tsulga-la to liberate the Kurukulla Center management of the financial responsibilities for the continued support of the house. It is an independently run organization, currently led by Tsunma-la (Sue Macy) and Bill Judge, and we are very happy that we are able to continue our support of Geshe-las legacy in this way.

Moving forward, all donations and monk sponsorships will go directly to this non-profit and will not go through Kurukulla Center; if you are currently sponsoring a monk or contributing as a part of your donation to Kurukulla Center, please begin to make your offerings directly to the corporation. All of the information you need about the corporation and how to contribute to this wonderful cause can be found at their website, www.geshetsulga.com.

Geshe Tsulga-la composed an extended letter about the corporation, which we invite you to download and read.