Kurukulla Center

Audio Teachings

Library of Recorded Teachings

We are delighted to offer audio files of selected talks by our resident lama Geshe Tsulga and visiting and senior teachers. As our community grows, more and more members participate from a distance and are not easily able to attend teachings. With this new service, a much wider audience can now benefit from the easy availability of these Dharma recordings.

All audio recordings are available in MP3 format, unless otherwise listed. Most MP3 average 20MB. If you have a 56K Modem, it will take 2 hours to download each file. Broadband users will have a much shorter download time.

A list of available Audio Teachings by teacher can be found to the left.

Live Broadcast From Kurukulla Center

Please be patient as the live connection will take about 20 seconds to start with the sound.

Regularly scheduled classes are held at the following times:
Sundays 10AM-12Noon, EST (-5 GMT)
Wednesdays 7-9PM, EST (-5 GMT)

For information on these classes, and other scheduled classes, please view our Free RealPlayer, you may download and install it from this link. Available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux.