Kurukulla Center

Discovering Buddhism

Our Discovering Buddhism program offers entry-level classes that provide an over-view of the Buddhist teachings. These classes are designed for newcomers and experienced students wanting an opportunity to integrate study and meditation. They also provide an excellent foundation for those wishing to undertake more advanced study in the Basic Program.

The entire Discovering Buddhism program covers 14 different subject areas. A series on a particular subject meets once a week for three to six weeks.

The fourteen subject areas are:

  1. Mind and Its Potential
  2. How to Meditate
  3. Presenting the Path
  4. The Spiritual Teacher
  5. Death and Rebirth
  6. All About Karma
  7. Refuge in the Three Jewels
  8. Establishing a Daily Practice
  9. Samsara and Nirvana
  10. How to Develop Bodhicitta
  11. Transforming Problems
  12. Wisdom of Emptiness
  13. Introduction to Tantra
  14. Special Integration Experiences

See our calendar for dates and times. Discovering Buddhism classes are marked on the calendar as such.

Click here for a description of the subject areas.