Kurukulla Center

Introductory Classes

We regularly offer introductory classes for newcomers and those with a background in Buddhism based on schools other than the Gelug Tibetan or Mahayana traditions. These introductory classes cover both philosophy and practice and are divided into three 5-week series:

Buddhism in a Nutshell -Topics include the Buddhist world-view, the Four Noble Truths, the Lamrim or graduated path to enlightenment, and definitions of basic Buddhist terms.

Meditation 101 Familiarizing ourselves with the nature of our mind is cornerstone to our Buddhist practice. In this series we learn basic meditation techniques to stabilize our minds and sharpen our analytical skills.

Everyday Dharma Combining the basic definitions covered in Buddhism in a Nutshell and the benefits that come from a regular meditation practice, we, as a group meditate on the meaning of the basic concepts covered thus far by seeing how they can be applied to everyday situations.

These classes provide an effective foundation to participate in the Discovering Buddhism program or to attend Geshe Tenley's and visiting teachers teachings. The 3-series cycle (15 weeks total) repeats three times each year, and everyone is welcome to join in at any time whether as newcomers or for a refresher of the introductory topics .

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